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Announcement/Press Release 通告/新聞發佈

27.02.2020 The Challenger 2 will be suspended until further notice 挑戰者2比賽順延至另行通知

27.02.2020 Language-Lovers Primary Challenge will be suspended until further notice 愛語文小學生定向挑戰賽順延至另行通知

18.02.2020 The Challenger 1 will be suspended until further notice 挑戰者1比賽順延至另行通知

03.02.2020 Language-Lovers Youth Orienteering will be suspended until further notice 愛語文青少年定向比賽順延至另行通知

18.01.2020 Little Maze Runner @ Kowloon Park 迷宮小達人在九龍公園舉行

01.10.2019 All school activities postponed to the second term 所有學校活動順延至下學期

21.09.2019 K-FARM at Kennedy Town officially kicked off 堅尼地城堅農圃正式起動

08.06.2019 sunFUN Eco-Plaything Design Competition @ PolyU 拾FUN環保玩意設計比賽假理工大學舉行

10.05.2019 ROUGH officially took over the site at Kennedy Town 草圖正式接收堅尼地城地盤

04.05.2019 STEAM RUN Youth Orienteering @ Tsim Sha Shui STEAM跑青少年定向比賽在尖沙咀區舉行 

27.04.2019 Language-Lovers Primary Reading Challenge @ Holy Trinity Church Secondary School 愛語文小學生閱讀定向假聖三堂舉行

20.04.2019 STEAM RUN Youth Orienteering postponed to 04.05.2019 STEAM跑青少年定向比賽延期至04.05.2019

13.03.2019 ROUGH awarded tenancy right to operate a leisure project at Kennedy Town 草圖獲授予堅尼地城休閒農莊經營權

06.04.2019 Language-Lovers Primary Challenge @ Hong Kong Park 愛語文小學生定向挑戰賽假香港公園舉行

24.11.2018 Language-Lovers Youth Orienteering @ Shamshuipo 愛語文青少年定向比賽在深水埗及石硤尾區舉行

20.10.2018 subFORM Eco-Product Design Competition @ PolyU 十。坊環保產品設計比賽假理工大學舉行

02.06.2018 sunFUN Eco-Plaything Design Competition @ PolyU 拾FUN環保玩意設計比賽假理工大學舉行

05.05.2018 Language-Lovers Youth Orienteering @ Tsuen Wan 愛語文青少年定向比賽在荃灣區舉行

14.04.2018 Language-Lovers Primary Challenge @ Po Kong Village Park 愛語文小學生定向挑戰賽假蒲崗村公園舉行

27.01.2018 Language-Lovers Youth Orienteering @ Central 愛語文青少年定向比賽在中環區舉行

11.11.2017 Language-Lovers Youth Orienteering @ Wong Tai Sin 愛語文青少年定向比賽在黃大仙區舉行

22.10.2017 subFORM Eco-Product Design Competition @ PolyU 十。坊環保產品設計比賽假理工大學舉行

18.02.2017 Language-Lovers Youth Orienteering @ Kwun Tong & Tseung Kwan O 愛語文青少年定向比賽在觀塘及將軍澳區舉行


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