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拉拉拉最強-音樂Artist Name
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「拉拉拉最強」唱跳比賽 (Deadline extended to 截止日期延至30.11)

'Stretching Makes You Stronger' Singing & Dancing Contest



With a mission of promoting wellbeing and green life, Rough is devoted to foster positive thinking in young generation. We are now working with K-Farm to organize the ‘Stretching Makes You Stronger’ Singing and Dancing Competition to promote stretching through music, dancing and the creativity and vitality of young kids.







目標 Objectives

  • 推廣拉筋運動

  • 通過音樂及舞蹈推廣身心靈健康

  • 鼓勵發揮創意

  • 訓練團隊精神

  • 推廣正向思維及共融

  • To promote stretching

  • To promote wellbeing through music and dancing

  • To encourage creativity of kids

  • To foster team spirit

  • To promote positive thinking and inclustion

參賽資格 Eligibility

本地小學生/親子 Primary School Students/Family

評審準則 Judging Criteria



1. 歌唱技巧:技巧、旋律、節奏及拍子

Vocal technique:Grasp of singing technique, melody, rhythm & tempo 40%

2. 音質音色:聲音的運用,咬字、發音的準確度

Tone quality:Vocal usage, articulation of diction & intonation 30%

3. 感情技巧:能配合歌詞的內容和情感

Expression: Expression of lyrics meaning and mood of the song 30%


1. 整體編排:能切合歌曲主題,新穎有創意

Overall arrangement: Coherence with the theme, original and creative 40%

2. 舞蹈技巧:動作流暢協調,有節奏感

Dancing technique: Smooth movement and body co-ordination, sense of rhythm 30%

3. 舞台效果:開心、富趣味,能展現年輕人活力和團隊精神 

Stage effect: Joyful, fun, able to display the vitality and team spirit of young people 30%


獎項 Awards and Prizes








Awards for each category:

‘The Best Singing and Dancing Award’ Gold, Silver and Bronze

‘The Best Singing Award’

‘The Best Dancing Award’

Award to be selected onsite and online:

‘The Most Popularity Award’

All winners will be awarded trophies and gifts

比賽流程 Competition process




Round 1 : Contestants submit video clip before the closing date.

Judging : A shortlist of finalists of at least 5 teams from each category will be selected by the judging panel.

Final: Finalists will be invited to perform the whole song on the contest day. Final winners of ‘The Best Sing and Dancing Award’, ‘The Best Singing Award’ and ‘The Best Dancing Award’ will be selected by the judging panel. ‘The Most Popularity Award’ will be selected by the audiences on-site and online. 


參加辦法 Submission of Entries

  1. 參賽者須演唱指定歌曲。

  2. 音樂檔案、歌詞及連曲詞MP4可在此下載;

  3. 與隊員練習歌曲;

  4. 配合歌詞內容設計舞步;

  5. 用智能手機或攝錄機拍攝唱跳短片;

  6. 把短片上載至YouTube (請設定為不公開);

  7. 於7月18日後登入比賽網頁,填妥網上報名表格;

  8. 附上參賽短片的YouTube連結;

  9. 遞交。

  1. Contestants will sing the designated song;

  2. Song clip, lyrics and MP4 with song and lyrics can be download here;

  3. Practice the song with team members;

  4. Design steps for the dance;

  5. Film with digital devices

  6. Upload the clip onto YouTube and set to ‘Unlisted’;

  7. Visit the competition webpage, fill in the registration form after 18 July;

  8. Enclose the YouTube link;

  9. Submit.

重要日子 Important Dates

截止日期 Closing Date:30.11.2022 *延期

公佈決賽名單 1st Round Result Announcement:15.12.2022  *延期

決賽日期及地點 Final:容後公布To be announced

比賽規則 Rules & regulations

  • 參賽隊伍請自定隊伍中或英文名稱。

  • 參賽者必須衣著整齊,面向鏡頭。片段須清晰顯示出參賽者的面容及上半身,面部沒有任何遮蔽。

  • 請在光線充足及安靜的環境下拍攝。

  • 參賽表格在遞交前可暫時儲存,正式遞交後將不能修改。

  • 入圍參賽者必須背誦歌詞,否則會影響評分。

  • For group contestants please choose a group name either in Chinese or English.

  • Contestants need to dress up neatly and tidy and face the camera. The faces and upper body of the contestants must be shown clearly in the video without any face covering. 

  • The video should be shot with sufficient lighting and quiet environment.

  • Application form can be temporarily saved before submission. No change can be made once form is successfully submitted.

  • Contestants are highly encouraged to memorize the lyrics or else, it may affect your overall performance and final scoring.

查詢 Enquiry

如有疑問,歡迎電郵至event.rough@gmail.com或致電whatsapp 92456949查詢。

For enquiries, please email to or whatsapp 92456949.


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