The Challenger 挑戰者

Introduction 簡介
Objectives 目標
Design 賽事設計
Rules 比賽規例
Notes 注意事項
Enrolment 報名
Winners 得獎名單
Acknowledgement 鳴謝
Introduction 簡介

This is a competition aiming to provide students with authentic scenario to use and practice different English language skills by a series of interesting tasks in which students also need to demonstrate multiple intelligences such as communication skills, problem-solving, logical thinking and critical thinking. It targets for secondary school students.



Objectives 目標
  • To rouse students' interest in English and let them appreciate the importance of English

  • To provide students with opportunities to use English and encourage them to interact with others

  • To create various interesting and achievable tasks and games to boost students' confidence in mastering the language

  • To enhance students' multiple intelligences such as logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills

  • To demonstrate to the participants that English can be learnt anytime, anywhere and by any means to promote active learning

  • 培養學生對的英語的興趣,並令他們體會提升英語能力的重要性;

  • 為學生提供機會,鼓勵學生利用英語進行互動;

  • 設計有趣又可達到的遊戲和任務,提高學生對駕駁此語言的信心;

  • 提升學生的多元智能,例如邏輯思維、批判思維、解難能力、創意、協作能力及溝通技巧等;

  • 讓學生體會隨處可學、隨時可學、邊做邊學、邊玩邊學,進而培養自主學習的能力。

Design 賽事設計

It is a physical scenario game to be played in an all-English environment. It will be held in a building or a public facility in three districts with different scenarios in different months. Students, working in teams of 4, have to pass three levels by completing series of authentic tasks according to the instructions given within a limited time (2:30). The idea is similar to the video games that students complete different tasks to reach higher levels. Teams who fail to complete the last task at each level will be eliminated. Teams will earn scores according to the criteria or their performance will be evaluated by the judges. The highest-score-teams will be the Super Challengers of the district and will compete in the Ultimate Challenge.  Multimedia such as text, videos, audio clips, social media, QR code will be used throughout the competition.  Winners will be presented prizes and all participants will receive completed certificates.



Rules 比賽規例
  • Participated teams must check in at the starting point at designated time.

  • All teams should complete check-in and allow enough time to listen to the important information announced during the briefing session.

  • Maps, badges and other materials will be distributed 15 minutes before the staring time and 10 minutes will be given to the teams to study stratgeies.

  • All teams should carry and take care of all materials during the competition. Any missing items should be reported to the official stand. Additional materials could be distributed but pointed will be deduced.

  • Late-comers will not be allowed to join after the game started.

  • All teams should have good time control and arrive the finishing point before desginated time. Late arrival will lead to point deduction. 

  • Points will be calculated right after the completion of the game.

  • Prizes will be given to the three teams who gain the higest points.

  • All participants who finish the game will receive completed certificates.

  • 參賽隊伍須於當日上午指定時間集齊到達比賽起點報到。   

  • 請各隊緊記於指定時間前完成登記,以便有足夠時間聽取活動重要宣佈並和隊員作賽前研究。

  • 大會將於賽前約15分鐘派發地圖、號碼布及其他物資予各參賽隊伍,並給予10分鐘時間研究策略。

  • 參賽隊伍應全程隨身攜帶及妥善保管所有物資。如比賽途中遺失物資,應立即向負責人報失。報失隊伍將即時獲發回物資,但可能被扣分。

  • 比賽開始後,遲到者不得參賽。

  • 各隊應注意時間控制,於限定時間內返回終點;遲到會被扣分。

  • 賽事結束後,大會將即時計算分類。

  • 賽事設三個獎項,包括最高總分冠、亞、季軍。

  • 所有完成賽事的隊伍,將可獲發完成證書。

Notes 注意事項 (中文)



  • 各隊可因應隊員本身條件和專長,先訂定相應的策略。

  • 應按隊員專長安排各自的職責,在關鍵時刻或意見分歧時,由隊長作最終決定。

  • 應隨時留意時間,隨機應變,適時商討,改變策略或路線。

  • 應多溝通,多聆聽意見,學習互相尊重和欣賞,發揮團隊精神,享受比賽。


  • 本比賽要求參賽者在場內走動,需要一定體力,參加者事前應鍛練體魄。

  • 隊員間應預先溝通,了解各隊員的長處,比賽時互補不足。

  • 前一晚應有足夠睡眠,以最佳狀態作賽。

  • 應事先通知家人比賽時間和地點。


  • 留意天氣預報,按需要帶備帽子或雨具。

  • 衣著應舒適,最好穿鬆身衣物,並穿著跑鞋。

  • 不應帶太多隨身物品,尤其不要攜帶大袋或大背囊,應盡量輕裝上陣,方便走動。有需要可在起點寄存物品。

  • 須準備能上網、拍照、錄音和攝錄的手機,並確保有足夠電力,另至少要有一部後備手機。

  • 參賽者須注意安全,特別要遵守交通規則,小心橫過馬路(如需要)。

  • 如有身體不適或遇到意外,應即時求救,並致電負責人或通知最近的工作人員 。

  • 如遇突發事件須停止前進或終止賽事,並應立即通知負責人或最近的工作人員。

  • 應吃早餐,確保有足夠能量和體力應付賽事。

  • 應隨身攜帶樽裝水和少許乾糧,以備需要時食用。

  • 各控制點有小量電解飲品和乾糧供應,有需要時可向監察員索取。

  • 賽前要熱身和做伸展運動,賽後也要做緩和動作,減少受傷和肌肉疼痛。

Enrolment 報名

Competition information will be release on the website of SCOLAR. Interested school can enrol via the system.



Winners 得獎名單

To be updated after the competition.



Acknowledgement 鳴謝

We gratefully acknowledge and thank our generous sponsors and supporting organisations as follows:



Sponsors 贊助機構:

SCOLAR 語文教育及研究常務委員會

Supporters 支持機構:

MODA 香港設計文化協會

INKA 一介文化事業


Recording 任務錄音:

Ross Vermeer, ETPU, Open University香港公開大學教育及科技組Ross Vermeer



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